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Blog In Japan

Beginning of the blog, the URL, such as news and sites that was worrisome, it is the English of the web site that was introduced in brief review. Then, Blogger, tools have emerged for the blog, such as Movable Type, a full-fledged expansion began. During the Iraq war blog that Iraqi women Riverbend of Baghdad resident emit "Baghdad Burning" (Baghdad ablaze) becomes a hot topic, it has resulted in raising increase its name recognition.

Currently, in a broad sense that it is used more frequently author personal experience or diary, the web information which is necessarily relatively frequently recorded in such a time series, such as topics is not limited to the web on a specific topic is referred to as a blog, including the site in general. If such is referred to refer to software or services that provide creation of web sites also. In addition, sometimes referred to as CGM are collectively addition to the SNS and blog sites reviews.

 Appearance of a web site is a private news site or diary, primarily administrators to post the article. But are not limited to a particular method to post a blog, has a software or web space for blogs and can use it to download and rental, and transmission of easy information from the web browser as his blog without knowing HTML · update I can. Also many things handy updatable specification of away from home, such as using the Internet functions of the mobile communication terminal such as a mobile phone in addition to a personal computer to those of the rental. Each item can be given a title, organize posts on the time axis and the category, and has a structure to be classified. Applications is broad, from personal diary ones, as a place of handy opinion, there is one editorial about such as current affairs. In addition, companies and creators populations, it is also often you are publishing a blog in-house official site positioned as such foreign activities diary.
Blog classification of

Mini blog, micro-blog, tweet blog
     Blog with a focus on short posts

For more information see the "mini-blog"

Moblog (moblog)
     Is updated by sending a mail using the mobile communication terminals such as mobile phones mostly
Photo log (photolog, fotolog)
     Is updated a photographic image as a mainly
Buirogu (or Vurogu or both video log) (Vlog)
     I mainly the delivery of video content
Erogu (elog, erog)
     I deal with adult content
Noberogu (novelog)
     What you want to update the novel of self-made separately for each story number
Blog Media
     Mainly corporation, which operated as an organization with more than one person in the business purpose. While utilizing the characteristics of the blog "bidirectional", and transmits the contents specialized expertise. Refers to the site that article lined the time series in reverse order as the blog, it has also been regarded as a new media that can replace even a magazine media.

Blogs and RSS

 Many blogging system (service) RSS or Atom (later to refer to these two particular RSS otherwise stated) you can automatically notify the updated using, by using the trackback function from other blogs extensive editing features such as done in automatic is equipped with the citations and links. Information delivery in standard using an XML by RSS is an RSS delivered from each of the blogs compiled automatically patrol service, has created a service that notifies the user when an update. In addition, since the shape of the data distribution has been determined, news distribution also easy, major media have come to begin to deliver the news in RSS.
Blog in Japan

To earlier than the blog in Japan, "2 channel" or, "Slashdot Japanese version", such as addition to web site had been infiltrated with the purpose of communication, Web diary, web sites like personal news site, further their attendant from that community were also present to, initially there was also skepticism in the blog of popular in Japan.

However, actually in 2002 by such Japanese of service tool (2002) rapidly spread from the time, in the time of 2006 the end of March blog the number of users in Japan 2,539 that has reached million people were presented from the MIC [2]. In addition, in particular an increase in the number of users of through year from 2005 remarkable survey reports that exceeds 20 million by the more than doubled during this period was also made ​​[3].

 Blog in Japan, is characterized by number of posts each blog often, as a result, is due to the Japanese about 37% of the world's blog posts in the fourth quarter of 2006 accounting has been a first place that exceeds the English and Chinese [4]. Also, as Japan's own blog form, a blog that corresponds to photos with post or the like from the mobile phone, there is a "moblog [5]".

The blog that obtained the citizenship in Japan, other individuals, popular personality and politician, also now be created by such other celebrities, is a popular blog opened also in Kakukai.
Affiliate advertising and Flog

In recent years, has increased many blog users that obtained the revenue attach any affiliate advertising. Recently, there has been increasing cases to use the blog for even advertising companies, are also present, such as advertising that students write the companies to provide products publicity for blog users. In the United States, found that companies had produced a fake blog of a kind that article the advertising of goods pretending to be personal, in December 2006, a bill to regulate with respect to fake site or blog is the Federal Trade Commission became the commotion of until it is submitted. Regulations currently state law have been made.

 Touch the NHK that this in news program in Japan, companies in the two channels where it was reported that there is to write the offer products advertised would be taken as "companies have hired a cherry", NHK was interviewed it has become a result of blog is in flames. According to the English version of Wikipedia, Flog the in the English-speaking thing of "fake blog" (Fake blog, Flipped blog) and is called to express.
Blog and election activities

In the United States presidential election of 2004 Democratic camp, including the Howard Dean has leverage actively blog.

By the way, although even in the 44th general election was held in 2005 there was a movement to take advantage of the blog (net election) in Japan, web pages election by the distribution of "(new) documents and drawings, including the blog are considered exercise ", candidate web site of the Public Offices Election Law has a problem that updates since the election notice is stopped, has not been too much leverage.

It should be noted, in this regard of 2007, has been conducted discussed whether should be lifted, also (if that is a general topics not related to the election) unless also called for a vote within the framework of the current law is updated and even than may I also say that.
Blog in Chinese

Current blog along with the spread of the Internet in China (Amici, Hiroshikyaku) has also started to increase, and is expected to cost 100 million blog users in 2007. In China, (for more information, see Internet censorship in China) blog general of Web is similar to Internet censorship and the site, which has been placed under the strict control of the Chinese government.

China main blog service site

     搜狐 Expo visitors
     Sina Expo tourists (Chinese Version) [1]
     Oriental 俱乐 part
     Skyline Expo visitors
     网易 Expo visitors
     腾讯 Expo guests (Chinese Version) [2]
     Hiroshikyaku网 (Chinese Version) [3]
     Eastern 财富 Expo visitors

On the other hand, the Republic of China (Taiwan) in by transferring the sound it is called a village rating. In Taiwan blog has been very prevalent, especially among young people, you are always available or to register to nearly everyone Buroku service site. Blog service site also numerous. Wretch that it can be said that the original has won a large number of users to be more than a temporary 6.5 million people, user flows out to the new SNS such as facebook and twitter from around 2009, was to stop the service in December 2013 [6] .

 Taiwan main blog service site

     Wretch [4] - service ends at December 26, 2013.
     PIXNET (Chinese version) [5]
     Yahoo! blog [6]

The main software / services for publishing the blog
Server software

Shall be installed on the server yourself. (If you have OS administrator privileges of the tunable up to) a lower layer can be customized in. Language used is Perl and PHP, a wide variety such as Java Servlet.

     Shoboshobo diary system - Perl of Japan-made blog tool. tDiary is the same as "Web diary".
     Hyper NIKKI System - it is a long time in made ​​in Japan. Also I said that roots of "Web diary".
     Apache Roller - Sun Microsystems Dave open source Java made ​​blogging tool of Johnson et al. Have developed of. The database using MySQL mainly, but are also supported, such as PostgreSQL. It is one of the Apache official product.
     b2 - WordPress, became the original such as b2evolution.
     b2evolution - PHP + MySQL. I can be described by more than one person.
     Blogn (N blog)    

BlognPlus (blog N +)
     blojsom - Open source Java made ​​blogging tool of which was derived from blosxom.
     blosxom - open source Perl made ​​blogging tools.
     Drupal - an open-source Web applications written in PHP framework
     IBM Lotus Connections - is provided as social software, also one of the blog function.
     Microsoft SharePoint - to implement a blog site-building features than Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. Due to the nature of the product, it is often operated as a blog in the enterprise.
     Movable Type - Six Apart's development. Perl / PHP + various made ​​DB. Now it has been deprived of the top of the seat to WordPress but it is popular mainly in Japan.
     Nooto (Ruby on Rails)
     Nucleus CMS - Open Source
     PyBlosxom - blosxom derived Blogs that are written in Python.
     Serene Bach - Japan-made blog tool.
     tDiary - Ruby of Japan-made blog tool. Strictly speaking, I have a "Web diary".
     WebFrog Blog - blog tool written in PHP. DB unnecessary. Feature of the installation is easy.
     WordPress - The most widely used of open source PHP + MySQL made ​​blogging tool in the world. The advantage is that the effort of rebuilding is not applied.    

Web Diary Professional - * CGI blogging tool that has been developed by Web Liberty. It is possible to perform all set up on a browser, are popular. Also be a variety of display by editing the skin. Language Perl.
     whblog - Perl of Japan-made blog tool. Database to I use SQLite.

Portal blog build ASP

ASP package to build a blog portal site. Rather than a single blog, we have established a multiple of the blog, it is possible to run a site that recruit participants. Examples that have been developed in a general LAMP environments often.

     PowerBlog - blog engine that CATWALK sold by the company. Fine customization (surcharge) is possible to match the hope.
     Blog (At blog) - delivery side of the blog engine that light up sold by the company. Near the provision of ASP version I have also scheduled.
     CORESIS - Kappe Co. blog portal ASP. Blog marketing leverage and bespoke development also be tailored to hope.

Service site

Web service type. Is not particularly necessary to the installation of the server software. Customization is limited to what is provided as a service.

     Amoeba blog
     Ibije cafe
     U~eburi blog
     Area blog
     CROOZ blog
     Sukusuku blog
     Star ☆ Bro
     Diet ☆ Mamegurafu
     Drecom blog
     Na Vita blog
     Hatena Diary
     Blog City
     Blogs People
     Rakuten blog
     Roripo blog
     Iga Buro
     Ninja blog
     at-smile VideoBlog
     au one blog

     daletto blog
     DTI blog
     excite. blog
     FC2 Blog
     goo blog
     HARMONY blog
     livedoor Blog
     peps! Dekoriaru
     PlayNC Blog
     Seesaa blog
     So-net blog
     trackback blog
     Windows Live Spaces
     Yahoo! blog
     pixiv blog

Software type


Blog search engine

Service that specializes in blog search. RSS or often trackback PING collection type. Recently I is being supported with the regular search engine.

     Google Blog Search

Blog parts

The thing of small parts that can stick to the blog and the blog parts. The main purpose of paste in order to improve functionality improvement and design of the blog. Those provided by the plug-in format is almost.

For more information see "blog parts"
TV and radio programs dealing with blog

     Roque honey ~ Roque × location × Roque - (Mainichi)
     Bananaman blog criminal (Tokai TV)
     Pool de blog (TV Asahi)

The end

     Blog type (Fuji TV) - Broadcast a reproduction drama that was the blog to the original
     Buzios (TBS Radio) -! To the program progress using the blog
     Blog of the Queen (TV Tokyo)
     Lead TV @ Human (NHK General)
     Blog TV (TOKYO MX)
     BLOG @ GIRLS (BS-i)
     U~ebutama ww (TV Tokyo)
     Based Oniyome diary (Kansai)
     Twinkle training physicians (TBS)